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Traditional u-shaped travel pillows just don’t do it for me – they’re big, bulky, and honestly, they simply don’t work.  I can never fully relax my head when trying to sleep.  Worst of all, I always wake up with neck pain.

The Trtl Travel Pillow is a new travel pillow every traveler should know about.  It addresses all the things the u-shape pillow fails at.

Woman wearing Trtl travel pillow

At first glance, the Trtl Pillow may look like a scarf.  But it’s what inside that counts!  There is a plastic internal piece that’s designed to support your neck.  The first time I tried it, I was so impressed.  It actually kept my neck upright!  I felt like I could effortlessly rest my neck on it.

Not to mention, it’s extremely comfortable.  The fleece material keeps your neck warm, which is especially great for those long bus rides where they blast the AC.  The tighter you wrap Trtl, the more support you have.

Another unique feature is the ability to twist it so the support is in front of you.  By doing so, you can lean your head forward.  This is great if you are tired of always having to lean to one side.

The designers of the Trtl Pillow have really put a lot of thought and research into this product.  It also folds up extremely small and thin to easily fit into any carry-on pack.

trtl travel pillow

I feel confident that I can now get a good rest almost anywhere. No more waking up every few hours to readjust positions.   I’ll never go on a trip without Trtl again!