Pink Plankton

Envision Festival takes place annually in Uvita, Costa Rica.  This four-day transformational festival  takes place in a beautiful tropical setting, literally where the rain forest meets the ocean.  I could go on and on about how amazing it is,  but I'll let the photos do the talking...


The festival takes place on this beautiful beach

Envision Festival beach at sunset with silk fan dancer

There are all sorts of performers along the shallow tides at sunset

Envision Festival dancefloor

This is Lapa Stage, my favorite stage

Envision Festival people chilling

The day vibes at this festival are truly unique

Envision Festival jam session

Impromptu jam sessions...

Envision Festival acroyoga


Envision Festival poi


Envision Festival painter artist Brad Rhadwood

Live painting...

Envision Festival body paint


Envision Festival contact juggler

All sorts of people doing cool things

Envision Festival speaker and audience

The schedule is jam-packed with speakers and workshops

Envision Festival contact imporvisation

This is a contact improvisation workshop

Envision Festival yoga class teacher

There are two huge yoga tents with classes all day

Envision Festival acroyogaSo much yoga...

Envision Festival kids

There is also a kids village

Envision Festival main stage with fire

The main stage at night

Envision Festival fire dancers pyrodanza

This is Pyrodanza, one of the many amazing performances

Envision Festival fire dancers

So much spectacle

Envision Festival main stage

The main stage had some of the trippiest projection mapping


Such a beautifully designed and curated visionary art gallery


This workshop held by the Mystic Misfits was one of many that dug real deep

Envision Festival guy in costume

This guy has cool goggles

Envision Festival girl dancing

This girl is an amazing dancer

Envision Festival art

I thought this tapestry was beautiful...

Envision Festival art

It had a long poem about Mother Ayahuasca next to it

Envision Festival hooper girl on beach at sunset

Another magical sunset

Envision Festival beach at sunset

Everyone howls as the sun goes down

envision-festival-53The ocean floor creates a giant mirror, awesome for photos

Envision Festival wood art

Pura vida!

Envision Festival girl with silk fan on dancefloor

The next few photos are a few of my favorite ones from the last sunrise

Envision Festival bubbles on dance floor


envision-festival-55This girl was also an awesome dancer

envision-festival-56The other side of this sign reads, "we dance."  You really do feel like family by the end, united by your love for music but also united by the experience, the connections, the learning, and the growing.