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The “Banana Pancake Trail” is a term given to the well-trodden backpacker route within South East Asia.  It is a beautiful part of the world, yet many criticize the lack of cultural authenticity, due to the rising number of tourists.  I recall reading an article which stated that every South East Asia backpacker comes home with the same stories, as it’s now impossible to get off the beaten track.

I disagree. Sure, it's easy to 'follow the herd', but an authentic experience is definitely still attainable.  In 2012, I spent 5 months in 5 different countries in the region.  I feel that I experienced both the tourist stops, as well as “real life” in each of the countries that I visited.  'A Banana Pancake Trail' is a short film based on my version of the trail.  When you decide to explore this part of the world, take some time to make it your own.

The above is the trailer version.  Click here to watch the full version of the film!

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