Pink Plankton

In 2013 I spent a month in Tanzania.  I met a local named John who coaches football/soccer to a group of street kids that lived in a group home near where we lived.  One day he asked me to come with him to film their practice.  He didn’t say much more, so I thought he just wanted some footage of him coaching, but it turns out it was for a much more important reason... John and the kids needed help.

And so I started 'Football for All,' a crowdfunding campaign designed to make the sport of football/soccer accessible to children in the developing world. Although there are many issues plaguing these nations, sport brings joy and purpose to many children's lives. Unfortunately, most children cannot afford proper sports equipment, such as shoes, pylons, or even a plot of land to play on.  Our goal was to raise enough for cleats and uniforms for the kids.  In the end we were able to raise roughly $150.

team with sign that says Thank You Jessica