Pink Plankton

This post isn't really related to travel, but it's something I created that I think is pretty cool, so it's going up.  This video was edited by me, and animated by one of the greatest digital artists of our time, Beeple.  If you don't know him, you should.  In 2021 he sold an NFT for $69 million.  He has been creating a digital image daily for the past 13 years, often commenting on society, trippy AF, or both. You may even recognize his artwork from some Adobe Creative Suite start screens over the years.  

Beeple has been kind enough to provide the source files from his film MANIFEST DESTINY free for any type of use.  He's actually posted a ton of other source files on his website's resource page

When I first saw the original film, the track Survivalism by the Nine Inch Nails immediately came to mind. Fittingly, NIN also released the source files to this track (and many others), making it free for anyone to download and remix, which was pretty unheard of for a band signed to a major record label. 

The track comes from a concept album that NIN released back in 2007 called Year Zero.  The album is based on the story of a dystopian future where the US government is controlling the population through a chemical in the water supply (and many more things).  I was fascinated with the concept, as it included many real-life "clues" such as websites, phone numbers, hidden USB drives, and secret "meetings" for the resistance groups.  Basically, it explores a lot of similar themes to those of Beeple's film.  

Anyways, I hope the video provokes some thought.